Keep Your Brain Young

Discover Science-Based Breakthroughs To Easily

Boost Memory, Protect Your Brain and

Lower Risk of Dementia

Preserve and Supercharge Your Brain Today, Tomorrow and Years Down the Road

​Are You Concerned Your Brain Function and Memory Aren't What They Used to Be? 

The Facts are Jaw-Dropping: 

  • Every 65 seconds, someone develops dementia.
  • An estimated 1 in 2 seniors dies with some form of dementia.  
  • Dementia costs an individual patient on average nearly $350,000 in treatment and care.  

There are Actions You Can Take Now:

The Destiny of Your Brain Is In Your Control 

  • 95 to 99% percent of all cases of Alzheimer's are NOT strictly based on genes.   
  • Easy to adopt and specific lifestyle changes can lower risk by 30 to 60%. 
  • In this life changing program, you will be transformed with the crucial, breakthrough and surprisingly simple lifestyle changes that lead to the greatest reduction in the risk of dementia and how to make these lifelong habits.  

During This 6-Week Program You Will:

  • Learn How To Lower Your Risk of Dementia

    Breakthrough research has uncovered the critical action steps to lower the risk of dementia by 30 to 60%.  

  • Squash Your Stress, Boost Energy, Maximize Sleep, Slow Aging

    Master life-improving tips based on how your brain works.  Keep your brain working better, longer.  Imagine feeling like the best version of yourself.   

  • Adopt Key Habits That Protect Your Brain

    Cutting-edge brain science has discovered how to make these habits stick.  Use your brain to protect your brain!  

  • Get Your Questions Answered 

    Small groups meet for three sessions with Dr. Milstein to get all of your questions answered with personalized attention.  

How The Program Works

All information and actionable steps will be delivered via a mix of easy to follow live virtual meetings, webinars, and pre-recorded videos along with worksheets. 

  • On-Demand Videos:  6 easy-to-digest video modules filled with take-home tips to lower risk for dementia.  You will have lifetime access to these videos.  Access videos anytime, anywhere as often as you like.  

  • Get Your Questions Answered: Three live virtual question  and answer and discussion sessions with Dr. Milstein.  Q and A sessions have limited attendance to ensure you receive personalized attention. Your questions will be answered.  

  • Cheat Sheets and Action Plans:  Downloadable cheat sheets filled with take-home tips and actionable steps.  Easy to follow action plan to keep you on track and motivated.   

The Time to Act Is Now

Changes happen in the brain 10 to 40 years before we would see the symptoms of dementia. 

You Will Be Empowered, Learn and Receive: 

Easy-To-Follow On Demand Videos You Can Access Anytime, Anywhere and Live Virtual Q and A Meetings


As you progress through the program, you will notice profound changes in how your brain and body feel and work. You will be armed with a roadmap and obtain tools to preseve and boost your brain for decades.   

  • Module 1:  Keep Your Brain Young Overview

    Get a crash course in dementia and Alzheimer's and how to avoid developing these conditions. You will learn the key lifestyle factors that the rest of program will cover in a fun, actionable manner. 

  • Module 2:  Get The Best Night's Sleep

    Master your sleep to fall asleep fast, sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the day.  Unlock brain cleansing sleep with an easy-to-follow roadmap.

  • Module 3: Heal Your Brain Through Your Gut: End Cravings for Brain Draining Food

    Heal and protect your brain through your gut. Discover the food that boosts your brain and ditch the surprising and common dangerous foods. 

  • Module 4: Squash Your Stress

    It's easy to say, but how do you do it? Get specific, actionable steps to lower your stress and protect your brain - without a radical shift to your life. 

  • Module 5: The Surprising and Hidden Health Conditions That Raise Risk of Dementia 

    The critical tests you need to be on top of and actionable steps to lower risk factors such as heart disease, diabetes and .  .

  • Module 6: Douse The Fire of Inflammation

    The root of aging, heart disease, chronic pain, and dementia is inflammation. Adopt the little habits that can have a big impact on lowering inflammation.

  • Bonus: Train Your Brain to Protect Your Brain

    The brain-based secrets to making lifelong habits. There is a formula based on how your brain works that turns actions into habits. You will be  able to use this technique for any habit you want to create.


“This program changed my life.  I have more energy and focus.  I feel younger.  My only regret is I didn't do this sooner.”

Jeff K.

“This program gave me hope and easy to do actions that are protecting my brain.  I am sleeping better, I have more energy.  ”

Megan H.

“I loved how I could get questions answered each week. I also felt motivated to make the simple changes. I can't believe how much better I feel. This program was a gift to my brain.”

Cheryl P

“I have wanted to learn about my brain and how to protect it but when I attended other courses the information was boring or hard to understand.  Dr. Milstein breaks it down into easy to understand and actionable tips.”

Ashley B

Keep Your Brain Young:

Lower Risk of Dementia

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